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Candidate Spending Overview


Bloomberg Facebook Ad Blitz:  Bloomberg accounts for 85% of the $21,733,613 dollars spent by Democratic candidates on Facebook ads over the thirty days we tracked spending from January 25-February 23.


Sanders overtook Steyer in Super Tuesday spending coming in as the second largest spender. For context, Steyer outspent Sanders in overall Q4 FB ad spending $10,092,781 to $2,552,311.  Sanders has spent $1.6M in Super Tuesday states to Steyer’s $1.2M over the thirty day period. (Steyer, however, has spent an additional $672K in South Carolina during this time compared to Sanders’ $27K in the state).


Biden Broke or Surging Back? It would appear that Biden is lacking funding when looking at his Facebook spending over the last 30 days in Super Tuesday states as he doesn’t appear in the top 10 in spending in any of the Super Tuesday states. (He doesn’t crack the top 10 in spending in the crucial states of CA and TX when looking at the last 7 days too.) However, just late yesterday Politico reported that his PAC saw a surge of donors after the latest debate and is focusing its efforts on FB ads in the states with large African American voting populations in NC, VA, AR, AL and TN.


Klobuchar: Can Klobuchar compete on Super Tuesday when she is also not registering in the top 10 in Facebook ad spending in any of the Super Tuesday states?


Although Buttigieg and Warren are spending in Super Tuesday states, they are being far outspent by Bloomberg, Sanders and Steyer, and do not crack the top ten in spending in the key states of TX, VA, and NC, and Warren isn’t in the Top 10 in CA.