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Social Media Vets Launch Booster, Political Crowdfunding Venture

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BOSTONDec. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Social media pioneer, investor and entrepreneur Jamie Tedford announces the launch of Booster (www.getbooster.co) a software company that enables political campaigns to crowdfund their social media advertising efforts.  Political and issue advertisers that have been certified by Facebook can now invite their supporters to make small dollar donations to "boost" specific posts. Booster processes these donations and deploys them to targeted media investments increasing the reach and impact of key messages on social media.

Tedford has bootstrapped the new venture with support from select private investors and guidance from a blue chip Advisory Board that includes respected Democratic strategists and operatives Charles Baker III, President of Dewey Square Group, and Nick Baldick, Founder Hilltop Public Solutions, a thought leader and communications expert, Adrienne Elrod, MSNBC contributor and Former Director of Strategic Communications for Hillary Clinton 2016, and Minyon Moore, who was recognized as one of the "100 Most Powerful Women in Washington" and recently published the widely acclaimed book "For Colored Girls Who Considered Politics."

Mike Garsin, who co-founded the leading cross-channel digital advertising firm Brand Networks with Tedford, joins Booster as CTO.  Experienced political operative and entrepreneur/co-founder of New Media Strategies (acquired by Meredith Corp) Aaron Earls is Chief Commercial Officer. "As veterans from the social advertising industry, we set out to empower the American people with the same tools and expertise that big companies use to invest media dollars behind content on Facebook," said Tedford, Booster's Founder & CEO.  "Booster is on a mission to democratize social media influence; giving people a new "superpower" to cast votes everyday with their wallet and digital devices."

As the 2020 Democratic Presidential Campaigns focus attention and media budgets on early state voting in IowaNew HampshireNevada and South Carolina, quickly followed by Super Tuesday, Booster's entry is well timed to help Candidates amplify messages at key times to targeted audiences.

"As distilled in our weekly 2020 Social Spend Presidential Tracker, social media plays a fundamental role in every element of a political campaign from fundraising, persuasion messaging and rapid response, to event building and ultimately to get-out-the-vote," according to Aaron Earls, Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer.  "Booster puts the power to elevate candidates and causes in the hands of the American people, while also increasing small dollar donations. Booster gives supporters visibility into the real time impact of their donation, representing a sea change in politics and issue advocacy."

Like other online fundraising technology, Booster makes money by charging a small fee for each transaction or "boost."  Unique to Booster is the transparent earmarking and automated deployment of donor funds to incremental paid media delivering increased reach and providing donors and campaigns with visibility to the impact of each boost.

"We have purpose-built the platform on top of best in-class, enterprise technology," says Mike Garsin, Co-Founder and CTO of Booster.  "Booster leverages industry-leading payment processing and security platform Stripe to manage secure transactions and has API integrations with the Facebook platform to automate and optimize media investment at the Post level."

About Booster

Booster (www.getbooster.cowas funded by private investors and founded by three entrepreneurs with a shared mission to democratize social media influence. Booster soft launched with a handful of Congressional Candidates, PAC's and Non-Profit clients in the run up to the 2018 mid-term elections. Booster's early traction with 2020 Presidential Candidates including Governor Bullock, led to incremental private investment, establishment of an experienced Advisory Board, and incorporation as a Public Benefit Corporation (B-Corp Certification pending) in early 2019. Today the company, based in Boston with offices in New York, and Washington, DC is staffing-up to support national political and issue based campaigns.

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