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Spending Level Trends

Overall FB spending is way up (55% from last week, $3.9M) this week as Bloomberg doubles his spending and Steyer increases his spending to previous levels from earlier in the year.

Bloomberg’s spending increased 82% jumping to $1.4M as he continues to self fund his campaign. He is now using this as a FB ad theme suggesting “Bloomberg has never taken a dime from special interests.”

Steyer increased his spending 404% ($234K to $1.182M) with his ads being a direct call to action to help get him into the January debate and meet the 225K donor threshold.

Trump had a slight decrease in spending ($511,566 from $652K) possibly reflecting the fact that the impeachment hearings in the House came to a close during this reporting period as his ads previously were a call to action to rally around his defense.

Sanders spending remained largely flat (-4%) coming in as the 4th largest spender switching places with Warren this week who came in 5th this week as she spent -15% less this week. Buttigieg’s spending was up slightly (+20%) coming in as the 6th largest spender, with Biden coming in 7th as he increased his spending +16%, spending over $100K.

Klobuchar jumped up two spots from 10 to 8 as she increased her spending +91% from 23K to 44K.

Yang spending is down -46% from $65K to $35K.