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Iowa continues to generate much more FB ad spending compared to NH with Iowa generating 5.18% of the overall spend compared to 1.73% for NH.


A few candidates are spending over 60% of their budget against Millennials and Gen Z as they represent 37% of the electorate. Who will win with these demographics, and how much impact will they have in Iowa and NH?


Sanders ramped up his FB ad spending by 86% from the previous week to maximize Q4 donations.


Sanders seems to be setting his sights on winning Washington on March 10th based on his spending.


Bloomberg was the #1 spender in 13 of 14 Super Tuesday states (Sanders spent the most in VT). How much will  this impact results on Super Tuesday?

Trump's ads suggest his approval ratings are "THROUGH THE ROOF" and "The Border Wall is being finished" arguably using alternative facts in his advertising a week before he shared on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show that "we wouldn't be able to get the truth out," without Facebook.