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Top Takes

Candidate Spending Up:  Every candidate, but Steyer and Bloomberg increased Facebook Ad spending this week. Bloomberg spent -22% less, but was still the largest spender with $936,085.

Who’s In On Iowa? Iowa was the state Buttigieg (22%), Biden (30%), Booker (34%) and Yang (72%) spent the highest percentage of their budget in this week.

Bloomberg’s Super Spending on Super Tuesday: Bloomberg is by far the largest spender in every Super Tuesday state.  His spending indicates he hopes to build momentum in NV and SC leading into Super Tuesday too as he’s the 3rd largest spender in SC and 1st in NV. He spent $0 in IA and NH. 

Trump “Schiff’s” His Spending:  Trump increased his spending during the impeachment hearings by +281% coming in #2 in spending with $848,236.  His spending largely focuses on rallying his supporters to “read the transcripts” and defend against the impeachment using an image of Adam Schiff in his ads. 

Steyer’s Spending Slump: Did Steyer’s spending decrease once he qualified for the debate on 12/3?  Steyer dropped spending -85% from $750,962 to $109,441 this week coming in as the 6th largest spender after many weeks of being the largest spender in the field.  

Steyer’s Early State Strategy: The four early voting states received a high percentage of Steyer’s spending: SC (14%), NV (8%), IA (8%) and NH (5%), as well as the larger Super Tuesday states of CA (11%) and TX (8%).

Sander’s Early State Spending? He is spending 17% of his budget in NV, while only spending 1.79% in NH, 1.38% in IA and .36% in SC.

Klobuchar’s Strategy? Klobuchar is spending in 17 states and IA is the only state of the first four voting where she is spending FB ads in, representing 12% of her spending. Her state spending strategy suggests she is using FB ads primarily as a fundraising versus a persuasion platform at this stage.

Going to California:  CA is once again the state with the largest FB ad spend, representing 14% of all spending, suggesting it’s a state that both generates donations, as well as candidates competing for the large amount of potential delegates it can deliver on Super Tuesday.

SC Replaces IA for Top Spot in Early State Spending:  SC generated 5.80% of the spend vs IA’s 5.69% (a statistical dead heat) after weeks of IA having the largest FB spend of the early states.  This may be reflective of the fact that Gabbard and Bloomberg are spending in SC, and not in Iowa.

Buttigieg spending once again goes north of 100K ($119,915), but still represents a slowing of Facebook spending outside of his $96,383 last week. The previous weeks were $203K, $182K and $284K respectively.

Elizabeth Leapfrogs Sanders to come in #3.  Warren increased her spending +62% from $192,426 to $312,006 surpassing Sanders’ Facebook spending.

Biden bumped up his spending significantly +275% from $25,958 to $97,489, although he still is only the 7th largest spender.

Gabbard spent 92% of her budget in SC (65%) and NH (27%) which led to her coming in as the largest spender in SC and second largest in NH.

Booker spent 34% of his budget in Iowa and 30% in SC.

Trump’s 50 State Strategy? Trump spent money on Facebook ads in all 50 states and the District of Columbia this week.

Trump continues to represent over 50% of Facebook ad spending in the key swing states of FL, OH, PA, MI and WI as Democratic candidates primarily focus on the early four states and Super Tuesday.

Castro Comeback? After spending less than $100 last week, Castro’s spending jumped to $5,869, only exceeding Bennett in spending. 

It’s a First: Bloomberg is Hiring:  For the first time this cycle, we’re seeing a candidate run ads for staff as Bloomberg is running ads seeking to hire Field Organizers who get “great pay and benefits.”