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Top Takes

Bloomberg Breaks the Bank (not for him of course...): As forecasted in last week’s report, Bloomberg increased his spending significantly in conjunction with his $38M TV spend from 11/25-12/2. Although Bloomberg was the leading spender on Facebook ads this week, it only represented 3% of his TV spend. His spending increased 280% from last week’s spend of $316,215. 

Steyer and Trump Slump : Steyer has typically been the #1 social spender since he joined the race with a few exceptions (e.g., Trump spent $1.5M the week of the whistleblower report), and dropped to 2nd this week. His spending dropped considerably from $1.23M to $750K, a -39% drop. 

Trump drops to 4th after Bloomberg, Steyer and Sanders, dropping his spending -50% this week from $449,551 to $222,474. 

Sanders Soaring: Sanders spending increased for the 4th week in a row +8% to $238,980 from $220,248 last week coming in 3rd, $144,363 the week before (11/11-11/17) and $64,196 the week before that (11/3-11/11). 

2020 PRESIDENTIAL SOCIAL SPEND TRACKER (Week of 11/25 - 12/1) 

Mayor Pete’s (Spending) Petering? Buttigieg spending drops below $100,000 ($96,383) after weeks of spending $203K, $182K and $284K respectively. 

Warren, Steady as she goes : Warren has maintained a fairly consistent spending level with $192,426 this week slightly down (-5%) from last week’s $204,551, and consistent with $217,223 (11/11-11/17) and $227,030 (11/3-11/10). 

#NoMularkey; Biden’s social spending is slowing: His spending dropped -51% from $53,953 to $25,958, continuing a trend since his Burisma Bump, as the previous week’s spending was $83,284 (11/11-11/17), and $96,632 (11/3-11/10).