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Top Takes

Bloomberg’s Billions Stay in the Bank: Steyer immediately rose to a #1 spender when he joined the race and has rarely relinquished that position since. Bloomberg on the other hand seems to be dipping his toe in the water spending only $38,712. If his targeting is any indication, he’ll be going after Millennials hard as he’s spending 72% of his budget targeting 18-44 year olds.  Like most of the D field he is also targeting females more than men (60%F/40%M). His state spending is in PA, MI, AZ and WI and his ads are 100% anti-trump with limited messaging about himself. If he runs, will he be running to win or to strictly play a arole in helping Democrats defeat Trump (and increase his name ID nationally for a future run)?

Patrick the Healer: Patrick is taking a different approach as he spent 100% of his budget on 45+, and skewed slightly Male (53%). Patrick seems to be using social for fundraising as he targeted NY, MA, CA, TX and FL with his spending. His message is about “healing” the planet and community, and inclusivity vs divisiveness.

Trump vs Biden by the Numbers:  Both are targeting a similar segment of America in terms of age as each are spending close to 60% of their budgets on the 55+ age demo. Neither are focused much on Millennials with Trump spending 10% and Biden 7% against the 18-44 demo. The divergence is Biden is highly focused on women (64%) and Trump normally skews more male. If Biden becomes the nominee, would he pick a VP who could energize younger audiences?

Buttigieg is closer to Biden (7%) in spending only 14% of his budget against 18-34 year olds, than Warren (46%) and Sanders (44%) even though he’s closest in age to this demographic.

Steyer represents 44% of all spending, and Steyer and Trump combined represents 82%.

Trump vs the Democratic field would be spending evenly without Steyer’s spending.

Booker goes for the Big Bucks: Booker is primarily spending in CA, NY, FL and NJ suggesting he’s still using social primarily for fundraising.

Kamala came in 16th out of 18 candidates in spending, only spending more than Delaney and Bennet this week.

Williamson spent 65% of her budget in Nebraska this week suggesting she is using social to drive audience attendance.

Bullock ad blasts Rudy Guliani suggesting he should be the next to go to jail.

Yang spent 89% of his budget in IA which allowed him to come in as the #2 spender in the state.

Castro continues to suggest he may leave the race without more donations this time suggesting donations will help him get into the next debate. 

Delaney and Bennet both had negligible spending this week once again putting a spotlight on whether they’ll continue in the race.