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Is 2020 the OK Boomer Election?

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Is 2020 the “OK Boomer” Democratic Primary, like “Soccer Moms” was to the 1996 Election?


The battle for the Democratic Primary (and arguably the soul of the Democratic party) seems to be lining up along generational lines based on the latest @quinnipiacpoll and Booster's analysis of Q4 Facebook ad spending.  It appears that Boomers may tip the scale for Biden whereas Millennials and Gen Z could decide whether Sanders or Warren (and arguably Yang and Bloomberg) emerges as the Democratic candidate as 37% of the electorate are Millennials and Gen Z according to Axios.

The meme “OK Boomer” broke out in 2019 by Gen Z to mock baby boomers and those who are seen as “old-fashioned.”  The implication is that Boomers are “out of touch” with today’s reality. The “old” ways of seeing the world no longer apply.