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Top Takes

  • Social spending decreased 23% from last week ($2,064,270 to $1,587,618).
  • The social spending decrease was largely driven by the top spenders last week, Steyer and Buttigieg, decreasing their spending (Steyer spent $306K less, and Buttigieg spent $126K less).
  • Four candidates, Steyer, Buttigieg, Trump and Warren spent over 200K on social spending this week.
  • The social spending of Steyer (-35%), Buttigieg (-27%), Biden (-20%) and Warren (-14%) were down this week with Trump (+2%) and Sanders (-2%) spending largely flat.
  • Yang is back in the Top 10 D spenders with $9,677 after a few weeks of limited spending (around $1K per week).
  • Booker had a noticeable increase of +62% from $12,996 last week to $21,130 this week.
  • Did Beto’s Spending Foreshadow his Dropping out of the race?  Beto’s social spending significantly decreased in the last month from $12,877 (week of 10/6), to $5,812 (week of 10/14) to $2,383 (week of 10/10) and $2,569 (week of 10/27). 

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