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The Impeachment Impact on Social Spending

  • Burisma Bump for Biden?  Since the Whistleblower story became public on 9/24, Biden immediately increased his social spending by +177% from $40K the week of 9/22-9/29, to $111K the week of 9/30-10/5.  In the last two weeks he has continued this trend spending $136K in the last reporting period (9/30-10/6), and $107K during this reporting period. For additional context, it was only a month ago that Biden spent as little as $5,742 on social spending (9/1-9/8).  Does this trend suggest he’s getting good social media ROI as the Ukraine controversy and impeachment may have helped rally the Democratic base to further support him? 
  • Donald More than Doubles Down:  Trump increased his social spending +862% once the impeachment process started to $1.5M the week of 9/22-9/29 from $161K the previous week. He continued to spend a considerable amount relative to the field as he was the #1 social spender with $782K the week of 9/30-10/6. He dropped his spending this reporting period by -51% to $376K, which still puts him as the #2 social spender behind Steyer.
  • Biden Beaten by Trump in Social Spending:  Biden was outspent 15-1 by Trump the week the Ukraine controversy broke (9/22-9/29), and continues to be outspent this reporting period by over 3 to 1 ($376K to $107K).

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