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Top Takes

  • Social spending increased 20% over last week from $1,711,698 to $2,064,270. 
  • Steyer isn’t hedging, on social spending: Steyer increased his spending +45% from $601K last week to $873K, once again being the largest social spender of any candidate. 
  • Buttigieg Bump: Mayor Pete bumps up his social spending +122% into second place, spending $463,450 compared to $208,275 last week. 
  • Warren Outspends Trump: Warren also increased her spending +11%, edging out Trump for 3rd place spending $248,756 to his $214,909. 
  • Trump drops into 4th place behind Steyer, Buttigieg and Warren, spending $214,909. Trump’s spending is a significant drop from his $1.5M in spending the week of the impeachment process starting (9/22-9/29). 
  • Williamson jumped up 676% spending $5,172 compared to $666 the previous week, and Klobuchar also increasing spend by 43% from $21,509 to $30,859. 
  • Bullock, O’Rourke, Castro and Yang all spent less than $5,000 this week with Delaney, Ryan, Weld and Sanford spending $0. 
  • Hook ‘em Horns: Trump spent 15% of his budget in TX and Democrats spent 7% of their combined social spend in the Long Horn state. Texas increasingly looks like a battleground according to social spending. 
  • Eyes on Iowa once again as it garners 31% of the Democratic spending for the second week in a row. 
  • What does age targeting tell us about campaigns base of supporters...Klobuchar is spending 47% of her budget on 65+ year olds and 73% when you look at 55+, with Biden spending 68% on 55+, and Trump spending 61% of his budget on 55+. On the opposite end of the spectrum is Yang spending only 11% on 55+ (although his spend is minimal this week). Warren and Sanders are spending 38% and 39% of their budgets respectively on 18-34 year olds whereas Biden is only spending 3% against this demographic. 
  • What do Tulsi, Trump and Yang have in common? They are the only campaigns targeting men more than women with Tulsi at 74%, Yang at 68% and Trump at 55%.
  • Trump is the #1 spender in key battleground states of FL, PA, OH, MI and WI with Warren coming in #2 in spending in each of these states. Trump is outspending Warren in FL (54% to 20%), PA (42% to 26%), OH (42% to 28%) and MI (41% to 26%).

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