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We report on spending by state, and isolate spending in the early primary states, as well as key battleground and swing states.



We report how much each candidate is spending by gender.



We also report how much each candidate is spending by traditional media age demographics (18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64 and 65+).

Ad Units

Ad Units

We report on the most representative social media ad units of each candidate.

How we work

We start with knowing your business first. Things that are working and the ones that’s not. We analyze your needs and sketch road map of your website accordingly. We then work with you and plan to find untapped opportunities. Through all stages of the development process, we will be communicating with you. From small brochure website, landing pages to CMS integrated website, ecommerce website, we take care of it all!


Access Keys offers professional website design and development which enhances and enriches your business identity by emphasizing clean and functional websites.


At Access Keys, we make sure all our products work at its best before it goes live. Our developers check every aspect of the website to deliver the best we can.


We work on designing websites that reflect your brand identity and deliver the right message.


We do not consider SEO as a separate service. In today’s competitive world, SEO has become an integral part of websites. We offer free basic SEO on all of the websites designed by us. For exclusive SEO service, please contact us.


We understand how a particular color or a symbol can make a difference to your company. Using proper color combination we help you establish your company’s brand.

Our graphic design service includes corporate branding, stationery, promotional flyers & posters, newsletter design, brochures, catalogues and retail packaging and any creative task. Try us!



The hallmark of our company is our range of products and brands associated to us, providing the satisfied excellent quality products to our clients.Our product line comprises of machines designed for medium to large enterprises. We are well-known for our brands and the products that we deliver to our clients. Till date, we have been successful in satisfying the needs or requirements of our clients. Our team members are very hardworking and are always busy in delivering unique brand/products in the market. So, the business firm makes sure in making its client happy by delivering the great products.


We are private company having sole investor.Our company partners with a number of reputed international financial organizations. We have been successful till date to impress our investors with our ideas and business plans. They are always ready to invest in our firm and are always co-operative and friendly. Our firm has a proven track record, reliable management, a sensible but ambitious business plan for the business which offers the investor a good potential return within a few years (normally 3-5) and a product or service with some sort of competitive advantage. So, they are very happy with our job till date.

Our Services

Our Company offers complete product life cycle support for electronic manufacturing assemblies in different market segments. Our electronics design and electronic manufacturing services (EMS) core focus is vital in the creation of durable products that require high reliability. These products perform exceptionally well in even the most challenging environments.As the population of business products continues to grow and our knowledge base expands, we periodically offer variety of supplemental services to our clients. As the population of business products continues to grow and our knowledge base expands, we periodically offer variety of supplemental services to our clients.

we value our contract electronics customers and their unique needs and expectations. Our customer focus and dedication to unparalleled excellence in electronic assembly design and manufacturing, has resulted in proven success in the contract electronics manufacturing industry.